As an employer, you may notice employees who are new dads struggling with returning to work after their baby is born. You can explore some of the complex issues these employees may be facing by reading through other pages on this website.

The important thing to remember is that every employee and every dad is different. If you can be open to the idea of allowing your new dads some flexibility – within the parameters of getting the job done – it will make their transition back into the workplace easier.

It will also bring benefits to you and your organisation. Employees tend to repay in kind: where an employer shows flexibility and support, an employee shows loyalty and productivity over the longer run. Employee retention means that you have less staff turnover and fewer costs in hiring and re-training.

Helpful links:

  • The Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance
    A national approach by business, community and government to encourage Australian workplaces to become mentally healthy for the benefit of the whole community and businesses, big and small.
  • The Mindful Employer
    This initiative by SANE Australia is an eLearning and face-to-face workplace mental health training program for all and any sized business Australia wide.
  • Oz Help
    Mental health support for men in building, construction, mining, trades and automotive industries. Providing training in work places and counselling.
  • Heads Up
    Information, principles and actions required to improve and maintain the mental health of workplaces of all sizes.
  • The Industry Super Funds Forum Mental Health Foundation
    SuperFriend works with Industry Superannuation funds to provide individuals, employers and workplaces with information about improving and maintaining your mental health.