Matt Tilley, PANDA Ambassador

Hi, I’m Matt Tilley, KIIS FM and former Triple M/FOX FM Radio Personality, and PANDA’s Ambassador. Welcome to ‘How is Dad Going?’ This is PANDA's website about dads whose lives have been affected by perinatal depression and anxiety.

You might not know this word perinatal but it covers the time during pregnancy (antenatal) and for about a year after the baby’s birth (postnatal). You might be a dad whose partner has depression or anxiety, or you might be struggling with these issues yourself.

How you look after yourself during this time will be really important. A lot of blokes try and tough it out on their own and do everything – that’s not sustainable.

You’ve taken a great step towards your own recovery, or helping your partner, by checking out our website – have a look around and find the information that matches where you are at right now. There are lots of links back to PANDA's website where there is heaps of information as well.

Matt Tilley

About 'How is Dad Going?'

'How is Dad Going?' has been created by lots of great people at PANDA and beyond, most of them are dads themselves you'll be glad to know. Sometimes it's only when we hear from other dads that stuff makes sense or we can take it on.

'How is Dad Going?' is meant to complement the existing PANDA website but focus specifically on men as new dads:

    - who experience antenatal and postnatal depression themselves,
    - whose partners have antenatal and postnatal depression, and the challenges this presents for dad.


The messages we hope you take from 'How is Dad Going?' are:

    - for dads to talk and seek help for their emotional and mental health wellbeing,
    - dads have access to quality information that men will relate to,
    - to encourage dads to take an active role in the lives of their children, and
    - encourage organisations to adopt father inclusive practices.


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